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Nasal Reshaping (Rhinoplasty - Nose Jobs)

Patients often seek consultation to reduce the size and enhance the shape of their nose. This is a procedure known as rhinoplasty (nose jobs). Dr. Newman's approach to nasal surgery involves making a careful and complete checklist of patient wishes. Dr Newman gets to know the client's desired nasal shape. After a thorough examination he arrives at the best alternatives for implementing the desired changes. Dr. Newman strives for a more natural nasal appearance. One that fits the rest of the facial features. Healing from rhinoplasty (nose jobs) varies because of the many different techniques used.

Nasal surgery is also performed to improve breathing. Our noses control exactly how much air we breathe. This function can be impaired from a trauma to the nose or even from the aging process. Today's modern rhinoplasty procedure has a major emphasis on preservation and possible improvement in airflow through the nose. At your special consultation, Dr. Newman (Plastic Surgeon Temecula) inquires about the quality of breathing through your nose. He will then make recommendations for improvement. '?

Usually splints are removed on day six. Patients can perform most of their usual activities with the splits other than exercise. It can be resumed (usually) within two to three weeks. Bruising typically lasts one to two weeks. The bruising can be covered with make-up after several days. Please feel free to schedule a consultation at our Murrieta/Temecula office.

Dr David Newman looks forward to hearing from you. He can help you realize your dreams about a beautiful new face. Call for a FREE consultation.

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