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Dr. Newman’s Surgery Center has more and more patients coming from afar each year.   These are patients new to us and also previous patients who have moved away and return for other procedures.

We want to streamline the pre-procedure process for traveling patients and make your stay in the area both pleasant and effortless.  We have put together a travel package to help this important experience easier.

Step 1:  Telephone Consultation

Please contact the office at (951) 698 3344 to set up an appointment  when you can speak directly with Dr. Newman and his nursing staff.    For Dr. Newman’s existing patients, we encourage your sending recent photographs of your progress.  For new patients, please send photographs of the areas in question. You can look at the type of photographs shown on our site and try to replicate them in terms of the size and angle of view.  Please email these photographs to us and the Doctor can review them with you at the time of your telephone conversation.  Our office will call you at the date and time of the appointment you have set up and you will first speak with the director of our nursing staff regarding your procedure.

You will then have a telephone conversation with Dr. Newman, and, as mentioned above,  it is very good to have sent pictures via email so that the Doctor can have a better idea and better assist you.  Dr. Newman will ask you about any medical issues and elicit you questions and concerns about a proposed procedure.  He will advise you as to what alternatives are available, discuss the risks of procedures and their benefits and give you his recommendations.   The Doctor will answer all of your questions.  A telephone conversation with a doctor cannot replace a face to face consultation but it is nevertheless an important and convenient first step.

The patient coordinator will next give you an exact quote for the cost of your surgery based on what Dr. Newman and you have discussed.  The next step is to schedule a date for surgery.  Please schedule your procedure date at your convenience and when you have time for the treatment and a quiet and restful recovery with adequate time for recovery. 

Step 2:  Preoperative Telephone Conversation

Once you have set a date for your procedure, our scheduling coordinator will schedule a telephone preoperative appointment.  At that telephone appointment the patient care coordinator will send you prescriptions for your labs and medications which can be gotten in your home town and faxed to us. Should Dr. Newman request a letter of clearance for your procedure you will also obtain this clearance letter in your hometown from either your  private medical doctor or a specialist.

The nurse will review your after-care instructions and will also send you a copy of these instructions.  She will be in-touch with you by telephone to ensure we have received all pertinent labs and letters.  The nurse will also call you three days prior to your procedure and finalize any travel or stay/accommodation questions and tell you exactly what time to report to the surgery center. 

Step 3:  Day Prior to Surgery

It’s very important for Dr. Newman to see you the day prior to surgery where he will examine you, review your procedure and take a complete set of photographs.

Step 4:  Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery you will arrive at the predetermined time to the Surgery Center with your relatives and/or friends.   Persons who bring you can leave and be available by phone.  We can call them upon completion of your procedure.

We want your stay with us to be both pleasant and productive and we will do everything in our power to achieve these goals.  Below please find a list of services provided in our area:

South Coast Winery Airports

Ontario Airport (ONT)

San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Hotel Accommodations

South Coast Winery Resort and Spa

Embassy Suites

After Care

Terry Schierenberg LVN


"I received laser surgery from Dr. Newman and am extremely pleased with the results!  It has been over a year since the surgery and I'm still looking great.  "

Enid McRobert

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