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Over the years, breast-feeding and the forces of gravity can take a toll on the shape and location of a woman's breasts. Breast lift surgery can raise and reshape the breasts and can raise the nipple and make the areola (the darker pigmented area around the nipple) smaller. Though no procedure can permanently delay the effects of gravity, breast lift surgery can often have a great effect on the shape, projection and location of a patient's breasts.

Often patients have only minimal drooping. The placement of an implant without a lift can not only create a more youthful breast shape but also disguise the drooping. In other patients, both a lift and an implant can be performed. This not only lifts the breast but also restore size lost from breast feeding and aging. It is therefore important to understand that all patients are different.

After a thorough consultation with Dr David Newman, he can make a recommendation for the best course of action for all patient's desires and anatomy. Breast lift surgery is generally not painful and healing occurs quickly. Feel free to call us and schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman at our Murrieta/Temecula office. Stop feeling that you are stuck with the results of time and nature and start to live the life that you imagine. Life is just too short to get stressed about something you can fix.

Pregnancy, breast feeding and gravity all contribute to stretching and thinning of the skin of the lower part of the breast. This results in descent of the breast to a lower level. This results not only in a lowering of the tissue but also a change in the shape of the breast. The shape of the lower part of the breast is normally curvy and helps to impart a round shape to the breast silhouette. With descent of the breast from drooping, the lower pole of the breast changes from round to "U" shaped. The breast becomes longer, creating what appears to be vertical lines that steal beauty from the roundness of the breast. Breast lift procedures tighten the skin of the lower part of the breast and restore the roundness that was present prior to the pregnancy process. Lifts also compact the tissue onto the chest and help the breasts to feel closer to the chest and so the breast and chest move as one unit as is the case with the youthful breast. Additionally, this tightening helps the breast to become more cone-like with sufficient projection to restore vitality to the shape. The areola (pigmented disc around the nipple) is usually made smaller and the nipple , kept attached to the breast, is raised to a higher position. Patients often have nipples and breasts at different levels and this can be improved with a breast lift. There are different types of lift patterns and the type of breast lift can be chosen at your initial consultation. Generally, the more the breast droops, the more significant a lift is necessary to achieve a good cosmetic result. Choosing the correct type of breast lift is integral to achieving a result that can be long lasting and impart a beautiful shape to the new breast.

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"Unlike some of the other surgeons I considered going to, Dr. Newman really listened to my concerns. I am thrilled with the results of my tummy tuck. I never thought I could regain my pre-pregnancy figure."

Jill Smith

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